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A Roguelite Stealth Experience

Escape was born from opening I hadn't seen anyone fill in the video game market: a roguelite game centering around stealth. I had seen roguelites that had integrated stealth elements into their gameplay, but I had never seen one that had made stealth it’s primary gameplay mechanic. Since that area was unexplored, I thought I would explore that space for my senior capstone.
Escape is a game with no central plot; each level is self-contained. The goal of Escape is to make to the end of the level as quickly as possible without being spotted in order to get the highest possible score. Escape combines the punishing difficulty of a roguelite with the careful movement and tension of a stealth game. Like a traditional roguelite, the level is randomly generated on each playthrough, and dying resets you all the way back to the beginning. Though it is not game for everyone, this is a game made for stealth a roguelite fans alike.
Escape is available for download in Mac and Windows versions.
- Aidan Bauer