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Conduction Crisis

Global Game Jam 2018 Submission

Conduction Crisis was a group submission by my team, which included myself, Zach Singer, Sydney Wontor, Ron Burgess, and Bryan Young, for Global Game Jam 2018. For the jam's theme, conduction, we designed the game around maintaining a space station being barraged by asteroids so the station's crew can safely evacuate. The station is protected by a shield that's powered by six generators; depending on where an asteroid hits the shield, it adds additional strain to one of the generator's heatsinks. When a heatsink overheats, it rapidly deteriorates until it fails and must be replaced; while it's overheating, it can be vented to cool it off and return it working order.
If a heatsink fails, it must be replaced in order for the generator to work. For each generator that gets knocked out, asteroids above a certain size will be able to force their way through the shild and directly damage the station; as more generators go offline the shield will allow smaller and smaller asterioids to pass through it as it lacks the power to stop them. When the station's integrity hits 0, the game is over. The player is awarded a score based on how long they survived.
Conduction Crisis can be downloaded here. Mac, PC, and Linux versions are available.
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Cool heatsink
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Rendered Section
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A still of the heatsink cooling off animation and particle effect
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A look into the space around the station