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Meta Game Jam Entry

Immolation was a group submission to the Meta Game Jam from myself, Zach Singer, Ron Burgess, and Earl Proko. When we were initially discussing ideas for the Meta Game Jam, we quickly settled on making a game where the respawn point could be manipulated by the player. This lead to the creation of a throwing mechanic with lead to the idea behind Immolation.
In Immolation, you play as a young Sunbird as you pass the trials to adulthood, a series of tests called the Immolation. You carry a small fire with you that serves as your respawn point; if you are parted from it, you will respawn at it when you die. Since you can throw it to places you cannot ordinarily reach, you can die and respawn further along in the level. In Immolation, death is not a setback but another way forward.
Immolation was voted the 16th most innovative submission and the 34th most fun submission out of 115 submisions to the Meta Game Jam. The final version can be played in browser here.
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Screenshot of one of the tutorial levels
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About to complete a stage
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Immolation Credits
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Stuck between two enemies